corrupt eu

October 28, 2012

1. Servers are in Germany.
2. Refine damage patch gets fixed only after Play9D users report it.
3. Easy and instant patches obtained by Play9D, within a day after GC-EU gets it.
4. Advertising by Camlost of Play9D on GC-EU forums.
5. GC EU not reacting to Play9D rates or competing in anyway.
6. Play9D insisting that GC-EU is DDoSing their servers to make believe players that GC-EU is their enemy (when infact the same people are running it).
7. Play9D makes more extra money.
8. Play9D refuses to shutdown GC EU even though they claim they can (by logging admins whenever they can).
1. Why the GM tool was delayed until after the second hack?
2. Servers are patched in a broken way. Some events still exist.
3. SvS still not started.


Future of 9Dragons – DzoGames Cuu Long Tranh Ba

June 13, 2012

The land of 9Dragons see’s another new publisher which brings the total number of publishers to 6(+1).

1. 9Dragons Korea
by LiveGamerAsia

2. D9 Online (Service Shutdown : 28th June 2012)
by Winner Online

by Aurora Interactive

4. 9Dragons DE / FR / EU
by GamesCampus EU

5. 9Dragons USA
by Games Campus USA

6. Play9D (Private server based on EU March 2012 version) –

and finally

7. Cửu Long Tranh Bá – Ngày về
by ZdoGames 

Zdo Games, one of Vietnam’s largest game publisher plans to launch 9Dragons in July 2012 and could be reason behind GamesCampus USA’s recent Vietnam IP block.

Lets compare the popularity by facebook likes (Korea is not included because of region restriction,  the private server has a hard time keeping its services up):

1. D9 Online – 8 Likes
2. 9ДРАКОНОВ – 3 Likes
3. 9Dragons DE / FR / EU – 887 Likes
4. 9Dragons USA – 7,453 Likes
5. Cửu Long Tranh Bá – 6,419 Likes

6000+ likes is pretty impressive for a server which is not even up. The VN server has generated more likes than the EU version and is roughly 1500 likes short of the USA version, which has been up for almost a year now.

Looking at the server statistics:


The situation is mostly because of the Private server stealing all the players from the official versions with a few remaining players as described by the players of the USA version:


The situation is no different at the EU version, according to the ranking (http://9dragons.gamescampus.eu/ranking/index) roughly 80% of the players are Vietnamese.

When the server goes live, ZdoGames may ask Zerodin to enforce an IP block across all other non vietnamese publishers and with Vietnamese time suited events, payment methods and administration (where they dont have to face insults like “rice eating dogs” ) the USA/EU versions will take another hit and perhaps a final hit from which recovery might not be possible.

CLTB and Age of Wulin may very well be the final blow to 9Dragons in the west. Brace for impact everyone bumpy ride inbound…


The FB page of CLTB now has 15,485+ likes, looks like they are generating great interest over there, while the opposite happens at the USA servers.


Play9D Private Server – April Fool’s Prank or Real Deal?

April 1, 2012

Following the leaking of 9Dragons source, the latest news was that a hacker by the name of warv0x claimed to have the latest files for the server. 9Dragons has had its share of trolls and retards, the majority of them residing on Elite-pvpers, so naturally no claim was taken seriously even if it was on RageZone, a “MMORPG development forum”.

Lets follow the timeline:

13/02/2012 – GC finds first signs of an intrusion

15/02/2012 – GC goes into server maintenance

20/02/2012 – GC publicly admits that the database was hacked

25/02/2012 – warv0x claims to have latest binaries

In addition, warv0x, now going by the name of Play9D, manager of the new 9Dragons private server, admits “The files were obtained from a longterm intrusion on GC by our pentester” and later admits “we do have the full GC EU database“.

So who is this warv0x, and can he be taken seriously?

According to Wikipedia, (yeah there is an entry for him ..)

Warv0x (also known as Kaihoe) the founder of a security team called Virtual Luminous is a self-described gray hat hacker who is responsible for the attacks during the June 2011 scene, as a rival hacker against LulzSec

Warv0x who likes to call himself Jake, surfaced 2011 though he claimed to be the founder of “Virtual Luminous (2007-2011)” and describes himself as a specialist in network security .  He claims to be interested in games like FlyFF, Divine Souls and APB. His handle isn’t very original  perhaps taken from a VOIP penetration testing tool called warVOX.


warv0x’s favorite game?

But his achievement lists includes hacking Writerspace, American PBS, Naruto Shippuden and Blizzard’s mobile servers amongst others. His interests in private servers is also visible and particularly with one group called “Xor-Net“. Although his private server of 9Dragons is not related to Xor-Net in anyway, maybe he wants to bring up a private server publishing platform like it.

His profile and background makes it possible that he does actually have the means and methods for running the 9Dragons server. But how successful will it be,  especially after he admits “I lack knowledge about the game“. Time will tell. 9Dragons is no stranger to being run by staff who don’t have the slightest clue on the game, until recently. Had this server come at during GamersFirst’s reign, it would have been a welcome change. Alot of players from 9Dragon’s USA servers might flock to the new private server as its carries GamersFirst’s tainted database, but chances of 9Dragons EU players moving there are slim – especially after their account details are compromised by the same group.

As of today, the popularity of the private 9Dragons server is not much as its being considered a part of an April fools joke (service starts 2nd April 2012), maybe this article will change all that.


9Dragons EU – Loulan (Nuran) Map

March 15, 2012

GM Camlost:

Dear Dragons,

we will patch the server this Wednesday (2012/03/14) between 8am and 1pm CET.This Update will bring a lot of new things, below are first details about the content.

New Map Loulan

In the spirit of the Guide-Event we have compiled an extensive guide about all features of the new map, you can check it out HERE.

Key Features:

– Roughly the same level as Tibet
– Loulan is PVP-enabled
– Contains one Dungeon
– Mobs give more XP

Tibet Weapon-Collections

Redesign of our Homepage incl. new things, e.g.:

– Playerranking
– Overview over Heroleagues/bands
– Overview over available Masters

New Support-System
As a part of our website-relaunch we will give our support-staff a brand new Support-System so that they can work more efficiently. For you this means better Support but also these two things:

– In order to have a clean transition between the systems we will disable submitting new tikets from now until the new system is live tomorrow.

– With the new Support-System all communication will be based on e-mails. Zhis opens up a whole lot of improved possibilities but also means that you have to provide a valid address in order to receive support.

You can check your current address HERE as well as change it.

These are just the first glimpses of the new things to come, we will tell you more tomorrow and the last big things will be announced on the patchday

To a nice Patch!

Clan Gamescampus


Loulan Epithets

March 14, 2012

Conqueror of Loulan (7 days)
Physical / Chi Kung Damage +200
+200 Weapon damage
Life and Vital Energy Increased by 1000

Punisher of the leaders of Loulan (7 days)
All attributes +15
Physical damage +150
Critical dodge rate increased by 10%
Life and Vital Energy Increased by 500

Punisher of the Lords of Loulan (7 days)
All attributes + 15
Chi Kung Damage increased by 150
Critical dodge rate increased by 10%
Life and Vital Energy Increased by 500

Punisher of the twins of Loulan (7 days)
Reflect 8% of physical damage to target
3/1000 of damage absorbed into Life
1/1000 of damage absorbed into Vital Energy
Maximum Life Increased by 1500

Punisher Sima of Loulan (7 days)
Reflect 8% of Chi Kung damage to target
3/1000 of damage absorbed into Life
1/1000 of damage absorbed into Vital Energy
Maximum Life Increased by 1500

Punisher Knife of White Shadow of Loulan (7 days)
Physical damage +500
Weapon damage +300
Maximum Life Increased by 1000
Increased Maximum Vital Energy by 2000
5/1000 of damage absorbed into Life

Punisher Gongsun of Loulan
Chi Kung damage +500
Weapon damage +300
Maximum Life Increased by 2000
Increased Maximum Vital Energy by 1000
3/1000 of damage absorbed into Vital Energy

Punisher of the secret shadow of Loulan (7 days)
Refinement increase success rates by 30%
All damage +15%

Conqueror of the beasts of Loulan (7 days)
Reflect 5% of physical damage to target
2/1000 of damage absorbed into Life
2/1000 of damage absorbed into Vital Energy
Maximum Life Increased by 1500 (7 days)

Completers of Loulan (15 days)
All +15% damage
Physical / Chi Kung defense +15%
5/1000 of damage absorbed into Life
5/1000 of damage absorbed into Vital Energy
Life and Vital Energy +2000

Titles of the Golden Palace

Conqueror of Karma
Physical / Chi Kung damage +700
Weapon damage +10%
Critical +3% damage
Critical rate increased by 12%

Bloody hands of the Golden Palace
Physical / Chi Kung damage +700
Weapon damage +15%
Critical +5% damage
Critical rate increased by 15%


9Dragons GamesCampus Database Compromised

February 22, 2012

Camlost :

Dear users of GamesCampus,

We are joining the ranks of many games publishers who have recently fallen victim to a datamining attack. An individual or group of hackers have managed to gain access to the GamesCampus player-database.

The hackers have stolen a list of usernames, associated email addresses and the hashed passwords. No other information has been accessed. Especially your purchasing information is not stored in our databases and therefore remains completely secure.

While the stolen passwords have been encrypted and are thus of very little use to the hackers, we strongly recommend changing your passwords at your earliest convenience.

Your security is very important to us. We have immediately patched out the security fault in our database servers.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and would like to reaffirm you that we are doing everything to prevent this kind of exploits and attacks.

Additionally we have made a Q&A that contains answers to most questions that you might have now. You can find it here.

Your team from GamesCampus.

No credit card or bank information is affected, please change your passwords immediately.


What are Private Servers?

February 2, 2012

An interesting post that sheds some light on private servers. Edited for general use:

Are they legal?

Private servers, whatever the justification is, are illegal. The logos, imagery, content, translations and game code are intellectual property which require a license for their use, commercial or not. Intellectual property rights are recognized by the laws of virtually every country in the world, with penalties ranging from fines to jail-time depending on the country and severity of the infringement.

Ethically, it is also wrong to freeload on the work of  the developer and its licensees which also develop exclusive content. The creation, development and maintenance of the game requires effort, professional staff and careful organization that don’t come for free.

Criminal Organizations

Private servers profit off the work of professional programmers and artists purely for their own economical benefit. Server files are sometimes sold by corrupt employees in the black market for big sums of money. Behind the naive facade of private servers, often lucrative business are carried, involving hacking , money laundering and tax fraud.

Some private server make claims that they are technically legal because they ask for “donations”. Only charity and non-profit organizations, following strict government guidelines, are authorized to collect donations. A private server collecting “Donations” still falls under the definition of a commercial enterprise.

 Player Rights?

Players have some guidelines and rules to follow when playing official servers. Likewise, legitimate publishers have obligations towards the players- to keep their information secure; give the right to appeal on team decisions; keep the server free of hackers, malicious users and corruption of any kind; keep the server uptime to 99%; and so on. The publisher can’t delete a player’s account for no reason or wipe out the database. If a player decides to stop playing and come back a year later, the player will find their account in the same place, with the same items (assuming they haven’t shared their passwords obviously).

Private servers set their rules for the players, but being illegal, they have no obligation towards the player and can be closed or restarted at any time without prior warning, which happens often.

Balance of Game

Sometimes there is content which will be released at a later stage and when the stage of player progress is adequate. Removal of level cap, new maps, new monsters, new items are prepared for future release. Private servers steal this content and make a mockery of the MMORPG genre with huge experience and drop rates that destroy any challenge in the game, and “special items” -often sold for real money or gifted to friends by corrupted GM- that totally unbalance the game.

Personal Data Security

Private servers are handed by amateurs who have no legal obligation to keep your information secure. Account information can be sold to third parties, or used to access your accounts in other services, and there is nothing you can do against it.

Private servers, often run by rogue elements, can also help in creating botnet armies by installing trojans and rootkits in players computers un-attended. These botnets can then be used for malicious purposes such as conducting Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, data mining such for credit card numbers and accounts user/passwords or entire BOTNETS being sold to underground criminal organizations (Mafia).

Some players may think that the private server scene is just a matter some harmless kids playing. In the most part, yes. But a few servers are managed by adults who have it as their primary source of income. Unlike official servers, they don’t pay any license or tax, sometimes amassing big fortunes. Of course, none of this money invested in private servers by their players, will help the development of the game, as it will only fill the pockets of their owners. Licensed servers pay a royalty to their developers which is invested in the development of new content, thus ensuring the future of the game.


There you have it. A little dark side on private servers.