The WatchDog Cometh…

October 15, 2010

“Remember, remember, the 15th of December
The database conspiracy and plot;
I know of no reason why database conspiracy
Should ever be forgot..”

Holloa Dragons, we have yet another weblog for over beloved game 9Dragons! This weblog has been envisioned for a long time, but never published due to lack of time and now it is finally done.


This is a consumer protection blog. Think of this blog as a community driven blog, where the crowd and journalists are indistinguishable. Its dead if there is no input and content and alive otherwise. So that’s the purpose, to be the voice of the community.

Onto the topic of inputs, anyone who wishes to post content such as articles, videos and other media anonymously can freely send in their requests at:


We have our own channel at Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/9DWatchDog), wherein we will be posting and re-posting videos to serve as an archive. The entries will be published by Anonymous while mentioning random handles for people who have contributed. Topics can range to anything that will be of interest, but has to be material behind closed doors.


We also have an open spot for anyone interested in joining the cause of 9DWD. Responsibility will include publishing  guides to 9Dragons. The email to send in your application is the same listed above.

Any questions, queries, comments are welcome at the section below or at the email above.

That will be all; will be adding more if required.



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