9Dragons Goldseller Reveals Customer List

January 5, 2011


In an interesting turn of events, a famous 9Dragons gold-seller, going by the name of Ice-Star has revealed his customer list to another potential buyer (called Maydaaaay) in order to convince the buyer that he is no scammer.

Here are the images. Click to enlarge.

Leaked Image 1:

Leaked Image 2:

If this goes on without action the game won’t last very long. With the gear and weapon this gold-seller is providing, there is virtually no need to rely on the item mall from GamersFirst. In other words, all the money is going from the rich folks of 9Dragons to this gold-seller.

The biggest problem here is that these high profile customers will have a nice long history of purchases from GamersFirst’s item mall as well, making it all the more difficult for the GM’s to ban them.

Time will tell.

Names of Buyers / Wall of Shame
Ahmed Al Khazaly
Alexander Muljawan
Bac Cao
Chuah Aloysias
Daniel Gray
Declan Smith
Dwi Prihastudi
Fred Tran
Gary Aubin
John Nguyen
Keven Burton
Kristin Ragnarsson
Mohammad Ashar Khan
Onh Zhihui
Paul Paiva
Randy Cao
Scott Sanborn
Shamsum Khan
Thanh Pham
Thoun Phok
Willyan Cipta

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