9Dragons Goldseller Reveals Customer List – Part 2

May 20, 2011


Once again we have a gold-seller reveal their customer list. This time around, its the 2nd most popular gold-seller, who goes by the handle of “Appserv“. Appserv is a program which sets up Apache servers and provides PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin services. Interestingly, 9Dragons server setup is also configured around some of these services. Moving back to the revelation of customers, here is the link.

It starts off with someone from Elitepvpers called “myarpi” claiming that Appserv is a scammer. Appserv ends up posting a refund printout from his paypal statement in his defense – which results in more players being exposed.

The post at Elitepvpers:


The original:


Names of Buyers / Wall of Shame
Afsaneh Barfyzadeh
Ahmed Al Khazaly
Fawaz AlSheeha
Iwan Kanto
John Yang
Jometrick King
Joseph Gallina
Khanh Khuat
Mohamed Mounib
Myo Minaung
Paul Wilden
Thomas Mckiney

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