Gamersfirst 9Dragons Shutting Down

August 6, 2011

By Hyperion

Dear 9Dragons Community,

This post is to formally announce that GamersFirst will be ending our service of 9Dragons effective 9/15/11 (15/9/11 for the EU).

On September 15th, we will transfer your character information (provided you have agreed for us to do so) to Indy21 so that they can resume service of the game with a new publisher. On or around August 15th, we will launch an “opt-in” page where we will request your (the players) permission to transfer this data.

In response to this news, the 9Dragons team will be removing leased items (such as Premiums, Ghost Bags, Trigrams…etc.) so that players cannot purchase items that would be active past the 9/15 date. 90 day premiums are currently off the IM but many people already have these items in their inventory. Please submit a ticket to our support team (payments) for a refund on these items. Also, as of now the plan is to continue to provide the 9Dragons community with in-game events up until September the 15th, 2011.

Most Item Mall items are consumable or permanently affixed to the character and those items will be transferred over to Indy21 along with all your other account/character information on September 15th. As of now, we will continue the sale we have been running for the last week to keep prices low and help you enjoy the remaining days of our service, and this will allow you to stock up for after the transfer should you choose to do so. No refunds will be given for permanent items or consumable items as they will remain on your account when transferred to Indy21.

In an effort to help with the transition, GamersFirst will provide “Transfer Packages” to the 9Dragons players for privileged access to our other titles. We plan to make these packages available on August 15, 2011 along with the “opt-in” page, and these packages will consist of in-game premiums/items/cool stuff for our other titles. You will be able to pick one package from several packages for many of our titles, including War Rock, Fallen Earth, APB, and Sword 2. We want to do this because there will be some extended downtime between our service, and the next publishers service so this will keep you gaming during that time. We will post details and send e-mails regarding these packages to the entire 9D community at a later time.

Thank you for your patronage over the last year. The seeds of the Dragon will always thrive within you!

Team 9Dragons.

Anyone wants to take a wild guess why this version failed so hard?

The GM’s from Acclaim…

About region rights, GamesCampus might try to get rights for the EU region and that could explain the current merger of the French and German servers. But this could mean taking in the trash from Gamersfirst database…..


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