9Dragons Source Code Leaked

January 28, 2012

A RageZone forum member going by the name of Hexpor has released the source code for 9Dragons. According to Hexpor:

This Source code server offical Build for :
hdr_vina ( Vietnam)

It wont be long before the official private server is out. It is noted that the source is for the older versions of 9Dragons going right back to Acclaim. GamersFirst and GamesCampus files are not part of the release. Shortly before, a heavily modified version of 9Dragons was released under the name of “Dragons Dream Online” or DDO by Storm Entertainment, a Chinese based MMO publisher.

The leak can be traced back to some rogue elements from the Vietnamese publishers of 9Dragons or a rogue element from the developer Indy21 itself. Afterall, Indy21 will be closing soon and is going be taken over by a new company called Zerodin, whose graphics engine is being used in the popular game Rising Force Online.

Update: (25-02-12 )

A member going by the name of “Warv0x” claims to have the latest “binaries as of 2011/12


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