Play9D Private Server – April Fool’s Prank or Real Deal?

April 1, 2012

Following the leaking of 9Dragons source, the latest news was that a hacker by the name of warv0x claimed to have the latest files for the server. 9Dragons has had its share of trolls and retards, the majority of them residing on Elite-pvpers, so naturally no claim was taken seriously even if it was on RageZone, a “MMORPG development forum”.

Lets follow the timeline:

13/02/2012 – GC finds first signs of an intrusion

15/02/2012 – GC goes into server maintenance

20/02/2012 – GC publicly admits that the database was hacked

25/02/2012 – warv0x claims to have latest binaries

In addition, warv0x, now going by the name of Play9D, manager of the new 9Dragons private server, admits “The files were obtained from a longterm intrusion on GC by our pentester” and later admits “we do have the full GC EU database“.

So who is this warv0x, and can he be taken seriously?

According to Wikipedia, (yeah there is an entry for him ..)

Warv0x (also known as Kaihoe) the founder of a security team called Virtual Luminous is a self-described gray hat hacker who is responsible for the attacks during the June 2011 scene, as a rival hacker against LulzSec

Warv0x who likes to call himself Jake, surfaced 2011 though he claimed to be the founder of “Virtual Luminous (2007-2011)” and describes himself as a specialist in network security .  He claims to be interested in games like FlyFF, Divine Souls and APB. His handle isn’t very original  perhaps taken from a VOIP penetration testing tool called warVOX.


warv0x’s favorite game?

But his achievement lists includes hacking Writerspace, American PBS, Naruto Shippuden and Blizzard’s mobile servers amongst others. His interests in private servers is also visible and particularly with one group called “Xor-Net“. Although his private server of 9Dragons is not related to Xor-Net in anyway, maybe he wants to bring up a private server publishing platform like it.

His profile and background makes it possible that he does actually have the means and methods for running the 9Dragons server. But how successful will it be,  especially after he admits “I lack knowledge about the game“. Time will tell. 9Dragons is no stranger to being run by staff who don’t have the slightest clue on the game, until recently. Had this server come at during GamersFirst’s reign, it would have been a welcome change. Alot of players from 9Dragon’s USA servers might flock to the new private server as its carries GamersFirst’s tainted database, but chances of 9Dragons EU players moving there are slim – especially after their account details are compromised by the same group.

As of today, the popularity of the private 9Dragons server is not much as its being considered a part of an April fools joke (service starts 2nd April 2012), maybe this article will change all that.


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