Future of 9Dragons – DzoGames Cuu Long Tranh Ba

June 13, 2012

The land of 9Dragons see’s another new publisher which brings the total number of publishers to 6(+1).

1. 9Dragons Korea
by LiveGamerAsia

2. D9 Online (Service Shutdown : 28th June 2012)
by Winner Online

by Aurora Interactive

4. 9Dragons DE / FR / EU
by GamesCampus EU

5. 9Dragons USA
by Games Campus USA

6. Play9D (Private server based on EU March 2012 version) –

and finally

7. Cửu Long Tranh Bá – Ngày về
by ZdoGames 

Zdo Games, one of Vietnam’s largest game publisher plans to launch 9Dragons in July 2012 and could be reason behind GamesCampus USA’s recent Vietnam IP block.

Lets compare the popularity by facebook likes (Korea is not included because of region restriction,  the private server has a hard time keeping its services up):

1. D9 Online – 8 Likes
2. 9ДРАКОНОВ – 3 Likes
3. 9Dragons DE / FR / EU – 887 Likes
4. 9Dragons USA – 7,453 Likes
5. Cửu Long Tranh Bá – 6,419 Likes

6000+ likes is pretty impressive for a server which is not even up. The VN server has generated more likes than the EU version and is roughly 1500 likes short of the USA version, which has been up for almost a year now.

Looking at the server statistics:


The situation is mostly because of the Private server stealing all the players from the official versions with a few remaining players as described by the players of the USA version:


The situation is no different at the EU version, according to the ranking (http://9dragons.gamescampus.eu/ranking/index) roughly 80% of the players are Vietnamese.

When the server goes live, ZdoGames may ask Zerodin to enforce an IP block across all other non vietnamese publishers and with Vietnamese time suited events, payment methods and administration (where they dont have to face insults like “rice eating dogs” ) the USA/EU versions will take another hit and perhaps a final hit from which recovery might not be possible.

CLTB and Age of Wulin may very well be the final blow to 9Dragons in the west. Brace for impact everyone bumpy ride inbound…


The FB page of CLTB now has 15,485+ likes, looks like they are generating great interest over there, while the opposite happens at the USA servers.


One comment

  1. The FB of CLTB now has 17,864+ likes.It’s great ^^
    Link’s here: https://www.facebook.com/9D.CLTB

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