corrupt eu

October 28, 2012

1. Servers are in Germany.
2. Refine damage patch gets fixed only after Play9D users report it.
3. Easy and instant patches obtained by Play9D, within a day after GC-EU gets it.
4. Advertising by Camlost of Play9D on GC-EU forums.
5. GC EU not reacting to Play9D rates or competing in anyway.
6. Play9D insisting that GC-EU is DDoSing their servers to make believe players that GC-EU is their enemy (when infact the same people are running it).
7. Play9D makes more extra money.
8. Play9D refuses to shutdown GC EU even though they claim they can (by logging admins whenever they can).
1. Why the GM tool was delayed until after the second hack?
2. Servers are patched in a broken way. Some events still exist.
3. SvS still not started.


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