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9Dragons EU – Loulan (Nuran) Map

March 15, 2012

GM Camlost:

Dear Dragons,

we will patch the server this Wednesday (2012/03/14) between 8am and 1pm CET.This Update will bring a lot of new things, below are first details about the content.

New Map Loulan

In the spirit of the Guide-Event we have compiled an extensive guide about all features of the new map, you can check it out HERE.

Key Features:

– Roughly the same level as Tibet
– Loulan is PVP-enabled
– Contains one Dungeon
– Mobs give more XP

Tibet Weapon-Collections

Redesign of our Homepage incl. new things, e.g.:

– Playerranking
– Overview over Heroleagues/bands
– Overview over available Masters

New Support-System
As a part of our website-relaunch we will give our support-staff a brand new Support-System so that they can work more efficiently. For you this means better Support but also these two things:

– In order to have a clean transition between the systems we will disable submitting new tikets from now until the new system is live tomorrow.

– With the new Support-System all communication will be based on e-mails. Zhis opens up a whole lot of improved possibilities but also means that you have to provide a valid address in order to receive support.

You can check your current address HERE as well as change it.

These are just the first glimpses of the new things to come, we will tell you more tomorrow and the last big things will be announced on the patchday

To a nice Patch!

Clan Gamescampus


Patch 38 – New Event Map for 9Dragons EU

October 12, 2011

Posted by GM Camlost:

Hi guys,

we are proud to present you the contents of the first patch for this month. This patch sets the stage for the big content-patch at the end of the month.

In order to apply this patch we are going to have a server maintenance next Thursday (2011/10/13) between 9 am and noon.

The patch has two main features:

1. Improvements for new Dragons in Zhangzhu

We want new players to have a good start into the world of 9Dragons and therefore we have implemented some instructional videos that show some of the core mechanics of the game into the map Zhangzhu.

2. The introduction of a new Event: The trial of the dragon (‘Die Prüfung des Drachen’)


Starting with the patch, the exit to Bloody Plain from Hefei will also lead to the Tempel of the trial (‘Tempel der Prüfung’). There you have the opportunity to participate in a quiz-event at announced times that will be worth your time

Anyone can participate, all you need to do is come to the map ‘Tempel der Prüfung’ at the announced time. There you’ll get two kinds of questions: OX-questions and multiple choice-questions.

The OX-questions are answered by walking: After the question is out you have 60 seconds to get to the answer-zone of your choice!


After each round all players that chose the wrong answer or did not answer will be ported out of the competition-area and receive a gift for participation that gets bigger as the rounds progress.

All players that are still in the game after 10 rounds are winners and receive an appropriate gift for this feat. All winners then roll a dice to decide who gets the ultimate grand price. Additionally all players that are on this map will get a strong buff once the event ends.

We are planning on doing this event three times per month once in German, French and English. The final dates for this and a list of prices will be announced some time before each event.

Finally this patch contains some minor text and bug-fixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy this patch a lot!

Clan Gamescampus


Patch 34 – The Giant Chicken Cometh

August 16, 2011

Posted by GM Camlost:

Hi guys,

tomorrow (2011/08/16) between 9 and 11 am CEST we will take down the servers in order to apply Patch 34. This patch has three main components. First off it should fix those annoying map-crash-issues we had since the start of the European server. Secondly it will restart the SvS-Battle for the Map Hangzhou. And third it will offer you a new ingame-event:

Giant Chicken Invasion!


All over the land giant chicken are appearing. Should you manage to find one and kill it, you will receive chicken soup that gives a nice stat-boost. The chicken become more powerful depending on the area they are in but their soup becomes increasingly delicious!

Happy hunting!