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Play9D Private Server – April Fool’s Prank or Real Deal?

April 1, 2012

Following the leaking of 9Dragons source, the latest news was that a hacker by the name of warv0x claimed to have the latest files for the server. 9Dragons has had its share of trolls and retards, the majority of them residing on Elite-pvpers, so naturally no claim was taken seriously even if it was on RageZone, a “MMORPG development forum”.

Lets follow the timeline:

13/02/2012 – GC finds first signs of an intrusion

15/02/2012 – GC goes into server maintenance

20/02/2012 – GC publicly admits that the database was hacked

25/02/2012 – warv0x claims to have latest binaries

In addition, warv0x, now going by the name of Play9D, manager of the new 9Dragons private server, admits “The files were obtained from a longterm intrusion on GC by our pentester” and later admits “we do have the full GC EU database“.

So who is this warv0x, and can he be taken seriously?

According to Wikipedia, (yeah there is an entry for him ..)

Warv0x (also known as Kaihoe) the founder of a security team called Virtual Luminous is a self-described gray hat hacker who is responsible for the attacks during the June 2011 scene, as a rival hacker against LulzSec

Warv0x who likes to call himself Jake, surfaced 2011 though he claimed to be the founder of “Virtual Luminous (2007-2011)” and describes himself as a specialist in network security .  He claims to be interested in games like FlyFF, Divine Souls and APB. His handle isn’t very original  perhaps taken from a VOIP penetration testing tool called warVOX.

warv0x’s favorite game?

But his achievement lists includes hacking Writerspace, American PBS, Naruto Shippuden and Blizzard’s mobile servers amongst others. His interests in private servers is also visible and particularly with one group called “Xor-Net“. Although his private server of 9Dragons is not related to Xor-Net in anyway, maybe he wants to bring up a private server publishing platform like it.

His profile and background makes it possible that he does actually have the means and methods for running the 9Dragons server. But how successful will it be,  especially after he admits “I lack knowledge about the game“. Time will tell. 9Dragons is no stranger to being run by staff who don’t have the slightest clue on the game, until recently. Had this server come at during GamersFirst’s reign, it would have been a welcome change. Alot of players from 9Dragon’s USA servers might flock to the new private server as its carries GamersFirst’s tainted database, but chances of 9Dragons EU players moving there are slim – especially after their account details are compromised by the same group.

As of today, the popularity of the private 9Dragons server is not much as its being considered a part of an April fools joke (service starts 2nd April 2012), maybe this article will change all that.


Patch 38 – New Event Map for 9Dragons EU

October 12, 2011

Posted by GM Camlost:

Hi guys,

we are proud to present you the contents of the first patch for this month. This patch sets the stage for the big content-patch at the end of the month.

In order to apply this patch we are going to have a server maintenance next Thursday (2011/10/13) between 9 am and noon.

The patch has two main features:

1. Improvements for new Dragons in Zhangzhu

We want new players to have a good start into the world of 9Dragons and therefore we have implemented some instructional videos that show some of the core mechanics of the game into the map Zhangzhu.

2. The introduction of a new Event: The trial of the dragon (‘Die Prüfung des Drachen’)


Starting with the patch, the exit to Bloody Plain from Hefei will also lead to the Tempel of the trial (‘Tempel der Prüfung’). There you have the opportunity to participate in a quiz-event at announced times that will be worth your time

Anyone can participate, all you need to do is come to the map ‘Tempel der Prüfung’ at the announced time. There you’ll get two kinds of questions: OX-questions and multiple choice-questions.

The OX-questions are answered by walking: After the question is out you have 60 seconds to get to the answer-zone of your choice!


After each round all players that chose the wrong answer or did not answer will be ported out of the competition-area and receive a gift for participation that gets bigger as the rounds progress.

All players that are still in the game after 10 rounds are winners and receive an appropriate gift for this feat. All winners then roll a dice to decide who gets the ultimate grand price. Additionally all players that are on this map will get a strong buff once the event ends.

We are planning on doing this event three times per month once in German, French and English. The final dates for this and a list of prices will be announced some time before each event.

Finally this patch contains some minor text and bug-fixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy this patch a lot!

Clan Gamescampus


Patch 34 – The Giant Chicken Cometh

August 16, 2011

Posted by GM Camlost:

Hi guys,

tomorrow (2011/08/16) between 9 and 11 am CEST we will take down the servers in order to apply Patch 34. This patch has three main components. First off it should fix those annoying map-crash-issues we had since the start of the European server. Secondly it will restart the SvS-Battle for the Map Hangzhou. And third it will offer you a new ingame-event:

Giant Chicken Invasion!


All over the land giant chicken are appearing. Should you manage to find one and kill it, you will receive chicken soup that gives a nice stat-boost. The chicken become more powerful depending on the area they are in but their soup becomes increasingly delicious!

Happy hunting!


9Dragons EU gets Anh Labs HackShield

July 28, 2011


Posted  by Camlost

Dear Dragons,

we thought to ourselves: One servermerge is not enough for us, that is just too easy. We need a real challenge!

So we decided to additionally exchange our anti-hacking-tool in this patch. Patch 32 delivers Hackshield to all clients after the merge is done. The reason for this change is mainly that Hackshield has less compatibility issues and is overall a very stable solution. We think you are going to like this change.

Clan Gamescampus

So, where does this put GamersFirst who haven’t been able to get a working (if existing) anti-hack for 7 months?


A Step Closer to Bardo…

July 23, 2011

By GM Camlost:

Hi everybody,

We are excited to announce that this Thursday (2011/07/28) we are going to join our French and German 9Dragons Servers into one combined European server. This new server is going to be called Wulong.

The growth of the community on the new server will greatly enhance your gaming experience – we in turn will be able to channel all our resources and offer even more than before.

In order to accomplish this joining a lot of work needs to be done. Therefore we will take all of our servers offline between 7 am and approximately 3 pm CEST on 2011/07/28.

What is going to happen to my accont?

Of course you are going to ask yourself right now: Are there any ramifications for my account and my characters? If you mainly played on the German server nothing is going to change for you (players that played on both servers intensively can find additional details here (English/French)). After the maintenance is done your client will simply patch itself and you can continue playing as before.

In order to celebrate the new server we are going to do a 48h marathon all double (XP, Skill-XP and droprate) event on all maps. This will start on Saturday, 2011/07/30, at 00:00 CET and will end Sunday (2011/07/31) at 23:59 CET.

We hope you are looking forward to the new server as much as we are!

Clan Gamescampus

By GM Sifu

New European Server Wulong opening on 28/07/2011
The servers will not be available from 7am to 3pm on the 28th


As most of you know, we are currently running two different servers of 9Dragons. The French players play on Wushu, while the 9Dragons Germany server is Xialong.

From 7am of the 28th of July, both servers will be closed. Instead, we are opening a new European server “Wulong”, where you can enjoy fighting against and with all other European players!

We expect the new server to open at 3pm.

You will not need to create new characters or download a new client. For the inconvenience, we will gift you a 7 Day Premium Package and a unique Epithet!

For further details, please read on :

What does it means for my account?

Most of the Wushu players will not notice any difference. Unfortunately, due to technical restrictions, your league-association and master&disciple status will have to be reactivated on the new server.

If you have played on both servers with your account, but you were only really active on one of them

In that case, only your most active account will remain after the transfer.

Example: I played on the French and German server with my Sifu account. My account on the German server only has a low character on it, that I only played a few. On the French server, my account has a high level character that I’m currently playing. In that case, your French account with all his characters will overwrite your German account.

You played on both servers with your account, and you were active on both servers.

If you were active on both servers, we’re going to create a new account for you on the new server, containing your French character(s). You will have then after the transfer two different accounts. The current one (example: Sifu) and a new one with a “_FR” at the end (example: Sifu_FR).

If this last case concerns you’re account, you will received from us an email with the new name of your account after the transfer and some other information.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to have a valid email address on your current account to receive this email! To check or update your current email address, just follow that link:

What about my character(s) name(s) ?

As we will merge two different data base into one, it is likely that some character names will appear to be in duplicate. If you’re concerned by this issue, you will have the possibility to change to character name when connecting to the game. The name of your character will in that case appear in a yellow color, and a specific pop-up window will allow you to change your name when logging to the game.

After the transfer…

As soon as the transfer will be completed on the EU server, you’ll have access to your account again. You’re account will remain with the same user ID, password, items, inventory, etc…

As mentioned above, some data will unfortunately be impossible tro transferred on the new server, like Hero Bands and Leagues, fortress owners, the Master title and their Disciples or as well the Friends lists.

In addition to this, we will offer you a complete Double EXP/Drop/Skill event to complete the celebration from the 30th and 31st of July!

Don’t hesitate to ask us any question you should have about the new server directly on the forum.

Your 9Dragons Team

Questions questions…

1. If Gamescampus can merge servers without any licensing issues in the interest of players, why can’t GamersFirst do the same?

2. GM Sifu mentions this as the “EU Server”. Where does this put the soon-to-be EU server Phoenix? Will Phoenix ever be an EU server? Was it meant to be an EU server? Perhaps GamersFirst has been lying about making it an EU server all along.